Discover Lucerne: The City of Music

It sounds fantastic.

The sounds of the city, the tones of the mountains and the melody of the lake merge into a harmonious symphony in Lucerne. This picturesque nature has already enchanted world-famous composers and artists. Immerse yourself in the diversity of music in Lucerne!

Musical Diversity

Lucerne impresses with its variety of venues and musical genres such as classical music, contemporary music, pop, jazz, folk music, electro, blues and more. The city attracts talented musicians and is a hotspot for education and research in music thanks to the University of Applied Sciences – Music

Festival City Lucerne

Lucerne has established itself as a festival city: Throughout the year, the city of music offers a diverse range of festivals of all musical genres. The city on Lake Lucerne attracts thousands of visitors every year who enjoy the unique atmosphere, the picturesque location and the musical highlights. From the festival hotel to the open-air stage on the Europaplatz, from jazz to brass and acapella to electronic music – Lucerne has something to suit every taste. With first-class guests and committed local organizations, Lucerne is a magnet for festival lovers from all over the world.

Composers & Artists

Richard Wagner, composer and conductor, raved about Lucerne as a city of music as early as 1866, describing the picturesque landscape as a “true wonderland”. For composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff too, his Villa Senar in Hertenstein was paradise on earth, where he found his way back to composing after a long break. Many other moving and influential musicians have worked in and around Lucerne.

Audio Tour

Immerse yourself in a world full of rhythm and melody: the music city tour takes you on a musical journey through Lucerne. The trail was created in collaboration of IG Musikstadt and the University of Applied Sciences – Music. Radio presenter John Ment narrates the history of music in the city and takes you to the places where legendary musicians performed and famous composers found their inspiration.

Podcast «Bergrufe und StadtgeflĂŒster»

Join us on a musical journey of discovery through the Lake Lucerne Region. The Lucerne Tourism podcast highlights the hotspots of Lucerne as the city of music and introduces you to exciting personalities, extraordinary traditions and hidden treasures

City Tour with Organ Concert

Round off your city tour with a private organ concert in the Jesuit Church. Enjoy the quiet moments in the church and listen to the sounds of the organ pipes. This tour appeals to all the senses – prick up your ears and let yourself be surprised.